Introducing a new technology that can transform your online business...

Uncovers Exactly What the Buyers Want
And Skyrockets Conversion by 200% or More

"Understanding the customer is more important than any other element in a marketing success… I absolutely guarantee you: the more you know about your customer, the more you will sell." – Dan Kennedy

Buyer Predictor Module
The only system that exposes everything you need about your ideal buyers to boost sales
  Buyer Heatmap
Get a heatmap of your buyer’s every movements and clicks from the time they first arrived your site
  AIDA Tracking
Testing now becomes 27 times faster and more efficient than other web analytics.


Conversion Prophet VERSION 3 is Finally Here!   Trusted by over 3,000+ satisfied users since 2008

Why Only About 1.0% of Visitors Buy From You?
(And Why It Will Always Stay That Way No Matter What You Do.)

Typical Website that
Converts Less than 1.0%

Focuses on visitors.
Fails almost every time.

If you are like most people you are trying to make visitors buy.

That may sound right and obvious for everyone. And that’s why most websites struggle to convert even 1.0% of visitors to buyers. But this is a WRONG approach and a big but common mistake.

If you are targeting visitors you would...

  • Hardly earn any profit
  • Struggle to get visitors to your website.
  • Attract very few buyers
  • Spend tons of time and money on advertising
  • Follow herds that don’t make a dime online.

Sadly (but Fortunately for You)
This is How Most Internet Marketers Are

What’s even more...? Google Analytics, heatmap tools, and other web analytics are visitor-oriented and encourage you to target visitors. People gladly pay $99 per month for heatmap reports that shows visitors behavior.

As a result these marketers know all about their visitors but they have little to zero knowledge about their ideal buyers. Worse, most marketers have wrong assumptions about their buyers because they think their visitor as their buyers. Their marketing is usually way off.

But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way for you. Once you find out the secret your conversion rate could go from 1% to 6% and absolutely explode your business in the process.


Discover the True Secret of High Converting Websites

There are a very few websites that convert 6.0% on consistent basis. Branding, reputation, product launch techniques can help you achieve it but this is not we are talking about here. We are talking about something that you or anyone could apply in your marketing and get your conversion rate to 6.0% or more.

Elite Website that Convert 6.0%

Laser-focus on buyers only.
Works every single time!

Here’s the secret. They know exactly who their buyers are and dedicate their entire marketing to attract them.

Not only this can increase conversion rate considerably, this can literally transform you entire business.

  • Attracts a lot more buyers
  • Just doubling conversion rate usually leads to 4X the profit.
  • Attracts more JV's and affiliates because your conversion rate is so high. This can get you on the 1st page of Clickbank.
  • Cut your marketing expenses because you don’t focus on all visitors
  • This actually attracts MORE visitors because your marketing is more targeted. We all know
    search engines love keyword focused webpages. Get more SEO and PPC traffic.

You Need to Know WHY and HOW Buyers Buy

Are they enough to increase your conversion rate?

Dan Kennedy wrote on his blog that compiling information about your buyer is one of the most profitable things you ever do.

If you don't know about your buyers, you will be throwing darts all over the board and never hit the bull’s-eye.

A good tracking tool would provide limited information about your buyers like keyword and which website they came from. But what you really need is what makes your buyers buy?

Until now this wasn't possible unless you interviewed your buyers individually. But now, Conversion Prophet's buyer report provides everything you should know about your buyers. With Conversion Prophet it becomes extremely predictable what your buyers want.

Conversion Prophet Uncovers Everything You Need to Know about Your Ideal Buyer to Boost Your Conversion Rate

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Here's a list of Conversion Prophet's main features...

 1. Buyer Predictor   (Exposes everything about your buyers)

Buyer Report

Activity pattern of your buyers





  • Complies a collective stat of your buyers and gives you the helicopter view of your buyers
  • Detects activity pattern of your buyers with CP's unique buyer heatmap
  • Shows which of your email messages makes the buyer come back to your website?
  • Shows the part of webpages that buyers showed interest
  • Shows the part of webpages that buyers lost interest
  • Shows how long does it take for buyers to buy from the time they arrived on your site. (Very important to know to craft your marketing)
  • Provides you the most detailed analysis of each of your buyers. (helicopter view of a single buyer)
  • For every buyer, shows you the number of trips made before buying.
  • For every buyer and every trip, shows you the entire activity at a single glance
  • For every buyer and every page visit, shows you the exact duration of a visiit.
  • For every buyer, shows the exact path taken to buy your product
  • Shows the top traffic source of your buyers
  • Shows the top keywords of your buyers
  • Shows your buyers' favorite landing pages
  • Shows what country your buyers usually come are
  • Shows the percentage of your buyer with mobile device
  • Shows what exactly does your buyers do after buying your product. (Critical in back-end marketing. Gives you idea of how you can sell other products to your buyers.)

Show the number of trips and what exactly buyers did on each trip.

 2. Advanced Heatmap Tool   ($297 per month value)

Support multiple heatmap view

Supports 2 different types of heatmaps

Advanced heatmp filter


  • Shows heatmap of every click on your webpage so you know what interests buyers and visitors
  • Shows heatmap of every mouse movement and scrolls. Research shows that mouse and eyes have 88% correlation, which means CP shows "hot spots".
  • Shows you the optimal ad placement spot. Increases Increase clickthroughs for Adsense, banner ads, and etc.
  • Real-Time stat. Every clicks and mousemovements are instantly generated and displayed. (not many heatmap solutions do this)
  • Support two different types of heatmap. One is optimized for speed and another is optimized for viewing.
  • Ability to customize image size for heatmap.
  • What part of your landing page "leaks" and makes visitors leave
  • Shows UNLIMITED number of multiple heatmaps for landing pages
  • Shows UNLIMITED multiple heatmaps for every pageview
  • Shows Every Single Move of a Buyer at a single glance
  • Shows the buyermap which shows exactly what the buyers want (this is what makes you money)
  • Distinugishes the heatmap of buyers and visitors.

Shows the heatmap of every visitor

Shows the heatmap of Buyers Only.


Not only Conversion Prophet provides dedicated report and
for buyers but for ANY SEGMENT of your visitors

Shows heatmap and analytics of...   So you can improve...
Your subscribers > Email marketing
Visitors came from certain keywords > PPC and SEO marketing
Visitor from your partner sites > Affiliate marketing
Visitors with mobile device > Mobile marketing
Visitor from facebook/twitter > Social media marketing
Visitor from YouTube > Video marketing

 3. AIDA Tracking  (10-100 Times Faster and More Efficient Than Normal Tracking)


  • Pinpoint and accurately predicts the profitability of anything before sale is made.
  • You get 10 to 100 times faster and accurate result. That means you can start making money 10 to 100 times faster than normal!
  • You need less than 20 clicks (without sales) to test your landing page and keywords accurately.
  • Optmizes your landing page, keywords, and your overall campaign in the quickest way possible. Bottom line: It allows you to money quickly.
  • Split-testing feature + heatmap combo allows you to test up to 3 different pages 30 times faster than normal split-testing.

For more information about how AIDA tracking enhances your marketing
Read this article


 4. Taguchi Multivariate Testing + Heatmap + AIDA Combo (NEW!)

"Predicts & Pinpoints The Most Profitable
Combination Of Elements In Your Sales Copy"

This feature is the most powerful feature of Conversion Prophet because it will take your testing result to the absolute MAX!

Here's a case study of testing 9 different sales letter elements with just 73 visitors!... Maximizing the conversion rate right from the start!

This special testing method uses advanced mathematics that automatically create the best combinations of AIDA elements and pinpoints which is the combination that will return the massive profits and loads of new buyers.

And best of all... Conversion Prophet makes all these complex calculations for you! So you just sit back, relax, and watch your sales letter evolve into a non-stop profit-pulling machine.

Real-life example of the results of a Taguchi
campaign made with Conversion Prophet

Conversion Prophet predicted that headline #2 in red color, with a dark gray background, and a subheadline without the "free" word in our sales letter was going to be the winning combination in this Taguchi testing campaign:

(Look how much info you can get with 73 visitors. You have pretty good 
idea about how each version will perform for 4 different variables)

After 477 visitors and 10 sales, the actual Taguchi results confirmed the predictions of Conversion Prophet that the indicated combination of factors was going to be the one with the highest conversion ratio.

(477 visitors later, the result validates our earlier assumption about each variables)

How about that! With 73 visitors, 4 different variables were tested; headline color, headline text, background color, and sub-headline with fair accuracy.

Let's do a table comparison of normal taguchi vs CP's AIDA + taguchi combo testing for this multivariate testing. This test ran for 5 days and average PPC was 15 cents per click.

Testing 9 Total Variables
Taguchi Test
AIDA + Taguchi Combo Testing
Actions required
Total visitors required
Number of days to test
5 days
17 hours
Total PPC cost
just $10.95

This Taguchi + AIDA Combo Testing is SO powerful You Literally Have to STOP Using it, Because You Won't Be Able to Improve Conversions Anymore...

This feature alone makes other Taguchi multivariate testing scripts that costs $495-$1997 completely worthless.


 5. Complete Website Analytics 


  • Support every core features that Google Analytics provides
  • Real time tracking. You get to see the stat instantly right after pageview. No more waiting 24 hours for stats.
  • Accurate tracking (built-in robot/spider filter)
  • Tracks all of your landing pages
  • Tracks both searched keyword and PPC keywords
  • Tracks traffic source for every pageview
  • Tracks web browser
  • Tracks country
  • Tracks Platform (OS)
  • Tracks for mobile device
  • Support unlimited number of goals
  • Support clickthrough rate tracking (great for tracking outgoing affiliate link)
  • Supports Wordpress, Joomla, eCommerce sites and every page that support javascript
  • Easy copy & paste setup (support not only PHP sites, but every sites)
  • Support dynamic (on-the-fly) tracking. All you need to do is append custom paramters on your URL.
  • Ability to ban traffic from certain IP address


 6. Account/Admin Features 


  • Allows unlimited users
  • Provides limited access to certain users so you can have an employee manage your campaign without exposing sensitive information
  • Allows unlimited pageviews
  • Allows unlimited campaigns
  • Allows unlimited visitors
  • Allows unlimited number of heatmaps
  • With one Installation you can test unlimited number of domains.
  • Works on cross domains

And much much more...

Conversion Prophet Transforms Businesses

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Let's be conversative and say Conversion Prophet doubles a website's conversion rate. Did you know that if you can just couble your conversion rate... your business will totally change? Just take a look at the below examples.

Doubling Conversion Can Triple a Business's Net Profit

Doubling Conversion Can Quadruple a Business's Net Profit

As you can see doubling conversion rate not just double your business it can triple and quadruple your business.

But that's just the beginning. There are even GREATER benefits.

Because of increased conversion and profit you can now...

  • Get more traffic because you can afford to spend more on advertising
  • You can attract more partners and affiliates than ever before. Get even more free targeted traffic.
  • You would now be in a position to hire more employee.
  • Take you business to a whole different level.

But the above examples are when you can just double the conversion rate. What if you can triple, quadruple, or even increase your conversion by 600%? That's exactly what Conversion Prophet can do for you. It's a serious tool that can transform your business.

  Get My Conversion Rate Up Now  

Common Question Conversion Prophet
Users Had Before Trying it Out

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1. Will Conversion Prophet work for me?

First understand that Conversion Prophet is NOT for everybody including...

  • Internet marketers whose website/marketing is already optimized and converts like crazy
  • Website owners who aren't selling or promoting anything.
  • Website that doesn't generate any revenue. (usually implies there is no market)
  • Complete beginner without a website
  • Marketers who don'take action.

If any of the above describes you then you won't get the full potential and value of Conversion Prophet.

If you are a serious internet marketer, not just an opporunity seeker, then Conversion Prophet will work for you.

2. Is Conversion Prophet self-hosted or a membership service?

Conversion Prophet is self-hosted and it is installed on your own server. Why? because it gives you 100% data security and can provide you unlimited clicks, reports, domains without any monthly fee. However, this self-hosted version wil be no longer available and replaced with membership service on September 2012.

3. How does it compare with other heatmap tool?

Conversion Prophet's heatmap feature is unique that it provides dedicated heatmap for any segment of your visitor including buyers, email subscribers, etc, which means you can improve every aspect of your marketing, not just visitors. That's the main one here are a few more...

  Google Analytics Crazy Eggs Click Tale Conversion
Prophet 3
Complete Web Analytics
Heatmap (clicks)
Heatmap (mouse movement)
Buyer Report
AIDA tracking
Multiple Heatmaps
Advanced Heatmap Filters
Real-Time Stat
Segment Reporting
Visitor video recordings
Self-Hosted for Data Privacy
Pageview Limitations Per Month 10 million views 100,000 views 80,000 views Unlimited
Monthly Fee (for 30 heatmaps) N/A $49/month $299/month No Monthly Fee


4. What exactly do I do get my conversion rate up?

Just copy & paste the tracking code to any webpages. Heatmap and AIDA can get you started on improving your marketing and website. You should see which keyword, traffic source, landing pages, ads are working after sending a few visitors to your site. Heatmap will give you information about which landing page and which content is being focued by your visitors. You can improve your website based on that. These will provide you which ad to invest more and which ones to stop. This will help you to get initial sales.

Once you get a buyer-report after a few sales, that’s when you can really do a website and marketing makeover and multiply your conversion rate.

5. Is it easy to install and setup?

For installation... it works just like any other PHP scripts. if you have any experience installing PHP script with MYSQL this is no different. There will be an installation instruction if you need. In case you need help installing, we can do that for one-time fee of only $20.

For setting up a campaign it's very simple. All you need to do is create a new campaign/domain. And then just copy & paste the tracking code to any of your webpages.

6. Does Conversion Prophet 3 include Split-Test, Taguchi, and Affiliate Tracking features from CP version 2?

Right now, it does not. We intend to include those powerful features very soon.

But here's the good news. You'll get Conversion Prophet 2 as a bonus when you get Conversion Prophet 3. So you would have access to all these features, just in a different product. See Question 13 for more detailes.

UPDATE: Split-testing and Taguchi features are now available in Conversion Prophet 3. Affiliate tracking feautre will be available soon.

7. Does it work on content management sites like Wordpress and Joomla?

Yes, Conversion Prophet works on ANY site where you can place javascript code.

8. What is the server requirement?

Your server/hosting plan should support the following

  • Unix/Linux server with Apache or Litespeed.
  • PHP 5.2 or higher
  • MYSQL 5.0 or higher
  • Zend Optimizer or Zend Guard

Best in cPanel or Direct Admin


Most hosting plan should meet the requirement above.
Sorry, but it doesn’t work on Windows Server.

9. Can it track cross domains? How many domains can I test?

Conversion Prophet works cross domains (any domains on any server) and you can track unlimited number of domains

10. How much does Conversion Prophet cost?

The cost of Conversion Prophet is $297, but you can get started for only $97 and pay the rest AFTER you see the result.

Please ask yourself how much you would pay if someone can triple or quadruple your net profit?

Because marketers know the importance of conversion rate they gladly pay $50 to $1,000 per month for just for limited heatmap features. Conversion Prophet provides unlimited, real-time heatmaps, buyer report, AIDA tracking, and features that delivers real result. Conversion Prophet will increase your revenue significantly and you should be able to easily make the investment back in no time.

We are planning to convert Conversion Prophet to a membership service very soon (probably in mid-September of 2012). Once we do that this hosted-version will no longer be available. So this is a rare opportunity to get your hands on self-hosted version of Conversion Prophet.

  Get My Conversion Rate Up Now  

11. What happens after I buy?

12. What if Conversion Prophet doesn’t improve conversion rate?


The best thing about Conversion Prophet is that we take all the risk for you. You can start using it for as little as $99 and request a full refund up to 60 days within the inital purchase date if you don't see a profit increase. We would feel horrible for getting paid for something that has not worked.

We'll also let you keep the bonuses (see Quesiton 13) for absolutely free for wasting your time. But to keep bonuses you have to provide a proof that you have applied Conversion Prophet on your business. So you have nothinig to lose. In the worst case you get to keep Conversion Propeht 2 & Affiliate Prophet in which each is worth $297.


13. Are there any bonues?

Yes, you also get both Conversion Prophet 2 (Ultimate Version) and Affiliate Prophet PRO version.

Get Both Conversion Prophet 2 Ultimate Version
AND Affiliate Prophet PRO Version for FREE
(Currently Sells for $297

When you purchase Conversion Prophet (version 3) you also get both Affiliate Prophet PRO and Conversion Prophet (ultimate version) for free. Conversion Prophet 2 Ultimate Version currently sells for $297 and Affiliate Prophet PRO version is not for a sale.

Why you need those when you buy Conversion Prophet 3?

Because these tools provide some features that Conversion Prophet 3 doesn’t have yet including…

  1. Taguchi Multivariate Testing Suite ($2,000 value)
  2. A-B Split-Testing
  3. Affiliate Sub ID Tracking
  4. Affiliate Spy / Direct Fetch which clones affiliate webpage for various purposes.

This is an insane bonus that'll be offered for a short period of time. Once Conversion Prophet becomes membership service on mid-September 2012 this bonus will be gone forever. And probably will never be available for a sale even at their own sites.

To learn more about these product please visit
Conversion Prophet 2 and Affiliate Prophet (Both links open in a separate window or tab)


  Get My Conversion Rate Up Now